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Taigs the pirate

Hey visitors from the depths of the cyber interweb. I’m Taigs, and welcome to my blog 2screws loose n moving!

I’m a 30 year old chick. My interests are wide and varied. Think Jane Austen versus a CRF250 and everything in between! If you asked my mates, they’d say; dropping the F , C, & S bomb, followed closely by doing really silly or inappropriate s*it, and wanting to travel, is Taigs.

Traveling the world has been a life long dream. Experiencing something other than Western lifestyle. So, I did what every other established, educated, grown up adult would do – I traded. I took a LONG break from my very rewarding job. I sold all I owned. Shacked up with the olds. Saved as much coin as possible with the other half. I did the Google, oh lord did I do the Google. Found a rad 30lt backpack and a one way ticket to London. Sounds like it happened very quickly right???? Wrong. It took some time to get to this point (4 years to be precise) because….I have a mental illness.

My huge family is like a bag a licorice allsorts when it comes to mental illnesses. We like to call ourselves “certified crazies”, call our meds “crazy drugs”, and I like to refer to my own mental illness as “got the crazy head”. As you can see, I take a light hearted approach to mental illness – even when it’s very hard. How else is stigma around mental health going to change. When I decided to travel, I did Google, lots of the Google. Looking for others who may have blogged about traveling with mental illness. I found a few, but not many with more than a post or 2…

So, I’m a certified crazy, jet setting the globe. Through this blog I am going to capture my experiences of traveling this wonderful planet. So, you know, budget travel, gear I use, things I see and do, places I go, other random sh*t but also, about traveling with a mental illness, because there wasn’t much in the way of personal mental health travel blogs out there. The ups & downs, using meds appropriately whilst traveling, and anything else related to being a certified crazy. I want to smash the stigma that surrounds mental health, and hopefully, empower other people living with a mental illness, that just because…does not mean you CAN’T.

With consistency and persistence, I dream to one day travel the world as a mental health advocate.

Enjoy my travel buddies

Peace out

One thought on “Welcome Welcome Welcome

  1. this is the first time i’ve left a reply for anything on the internet can i tell you so if i write something i’m not suppose to or don’t conform to blogging etiquette (does such a thing exist?) i’m playing the blogging virgin card! ok.
    let me start by saying I THINK YOU ROCK! I too have a mental illness (oh and two kids one with high functioning autism) that have impacting greatly on my ability to do things freely. I also come from a large extended family.
    sometimes I feel like an alien from another planet when I interact with others. Or is it that I perceive things differently to other as a result of my mental illness? Either way I’m
    like you mature, educated and established and I’ve worked all my life.
    I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the unconditional love and support of my immediate family and extended family. They recognise the good days from the bad and they’ve never once made me feel that my mental illness defines me.
    I look forward to hearing more about your travels and adventures and I dream of one day doing just what you have done.
    boo boo

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